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Rhino Fabrication provides the best products and best service to our customers. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.


About Rhino Fabrication

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About Rhino Fabrication

Our goal: Rhino Fabrication provides absolutely the best automotive products available while offering stellar customer care. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in every component we sell. We are an independent family-owned company dedicated to the design and production of superior interior components for classic automobiles. For years we have been involved in the manufacturing of components for the aftermarket industry, but to our dismay our products were always following someone else’s criteria and direction. In the spring of 2010, we became courageous enough to open the doors of our very own facility. The following 17 months were spent retooling, redesigning, test fitting, and generally making sure that our products surpassed anything offered in the market today. At Rhino Fabrication we are combining years of manufacturing experience,  our passion for the automotive industry, and complied customer input to create the absolute finest automotive products available. Rhino currently fabricates soft and hard trim components for domestic and international customers. Our customers demand that quality be aligned with a cost effective strategy to satisfy the high expectations of today’s consumer. From Tooling Component Fabrication, Thermal Forming, Foam Molding, CNC Machining & Component Prototyping Rhino controls each and every component in house. Whether our customer is purchasing ABS Thermal Formed Interior Components or PVC / Foam Molded Dash Pads they can rest assured that they are purchasing a paramount reproduction product. We realize since we are not the largest manufacturer of products for your vehicle that we must be the best. We offer attention to detail that other manufacturers simply cannot. We designed our business model after what we felt were the most important elements: Love what you do. Listen to your customers. Build a product that is better than anything available. Do everything in your power to keep it American made. Never sell anything that you are not proud to brand with your name. Ok, some may say that our business model is a bit old school and we have to agree. We try to keep it simple, enjoyable and positive. Our dream was never to be the largest or wealthiest company.  We simply wanted to be the best and produce the best! We love what we do and our customers love what they buy. So far everyone seems to be happy and we plan to keep that direction. Thank you for visiting our site and showing interest in Rhino Fabrication and our line of fine automotive...

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