Puyallup, Washington    –    July 19-21, 2013

The Goodguys show in Puyallup is one of our favorites because of the casual and the small community atmosphere. We arrived to the show early Friday morning and most of the crowd had not yet had their morning coffee, let alone arrived at the venue. We had a brief chance to look around the Fairgrounds at what had rolled in the night before and others that were currently streaming through the gates. The place was coming alive before our eyes with row after row of excellent rods.

We hurried back to our booth excited to have the chance to engage some of our customers. It was a rather cool morning and after 30 minutes of minimal foot traffic the flood gates opened, without realizing what had happened we were barraged by friends and interested patrons. It was at first totally overwhelming, the amount of interest in our products had mushroomed. In time Chase and I adjusted to the speed of the show and within just a couple of hours had a handle on the pulse of the event.

We learned that the attention to quality and detail we find paramount is indeed appreciated by customers and future customers, and the fact that our products are USA Made Products is highly respected, even by our friends outside the confines of our US Boarders.

The display of the 1955-1957 Chevrolet Pick- Up Dash Pad was a complete success. The excitement that the prototype generated was more than even we had imagined. Next spring will be even more fun to watch the roll out of that pad and the 62 -65 Fairlane Dash Pad.

All of the products displayed within our booth found someone who was interested. From the fan shrouds, console box liners, to our kick panels with speaker pods built in each generated interest because of the quality materials and attention to detail we incorporate.

Puyallup in itself is an excellent venue, facilitated and executed to perfection by both the Goodguy’s and the Fairground’s staff. The grounds are old school which in itself leads to the flavor of the event, combine the vintage rides and the attitude of the patrons and you have the recipe for one great weekend.

The small community of Puyallaup that is home to the Washington State Fair Event Center is both friendly and simple to navigate. All the elements such as entering and departing the event are so easy. Parking was free and literally directly across the street from the gates. This truly was my kind of show.

The best element of The Pacific Northwest Nationals was the continued cruise that takes place the entire weekend. Since our location was on the cruise route we enjoyed a semi constant stream of vehicles for our enjoyment. There was every kind of ride represented, drop tops, fat fendered, stock restorations, classic, high dollar, armature, rat rod, retro, if you could imagine it there was probably on in attendance.
Our future will most certainly bring us back to Puyallup for another great adventure soon. We hope that our Canadian friends will continue to represent their contingent and that more and more individuals share their passion for the hobby. Hope to see you all there.


Puyallup, Washington    –    July 19-21, 2013

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