Rhino-Fabrication-Booth-Pleasanton-CaliforniaGoodguys West Coast Nationals   –   Pleasanton, California


Traveling 9 hours down the highway towing our trailer full of products and contemplating our upcoming weekend always allows me time to decompress from the preparation for the trip. Since my son Chase and I run this business as a team we also get to enjoy each other’s company and share perspectives along the way. As I grow, shall I say more mature, I become more and more energized by the young members of our hobby and their enthusiasm to learn our crafts. When allowed to share in the culture that we older members have enjoyed for our entire lives, the younger set seems to launch into completely new horizons that we never imagined possible. I must say that our visit to the Goodguys Rod and Custom West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton, California this past summer certainly confirmed my belief that the hobby will survive long after the plank holders have moved on. The same passion that motivated us years ago still exists in the hearts and minds of today’s younger attendees. I witnessed interaction between the ages that was completely refreshing.

The Alameda County Fairgrounds event is an older venue with a very cool flavor for the cars and patrons it was attracting this particular weekend. There was a complete spectrum of vehicles for our review. As always there were the extremely high dollar rides that arrived on trailers, as well as a few drivers that limped in under construction. I must say that the overall quality of the vehicles on hand was exceptional. As always in sunny California the sheer volume of open topped cars was phenomenal. Since we are from the Pacific Northwest it is a change of pace to be surrounded by so many open cars, many that are driven regularly.

Chase and I were happy to engage more than a few individuals willing to discuss their construction secrets relating to the 29 Ford Special Coupe that we have in the planning stages. Add to that the numerous vendors displaying so many cool products at our disposal and needless to say we came away with renewed excitement towards our project.

As in past shows where we have displayed our Dash Pads and these seemed to be the items of interest. Our commitment to quality production was recognized by many and the feedback from customers was greatly appreciated by us. We came away with so many new products that need to be produced in our shop. One in particular was the 65-66 Galaxie dash pads and the 66-67 Fairlane dash pads. They are in the stages leading to production so please be patient; it is an involved process to get it correct.

The weather was very cooperative for the entire weekend and I must say that the staff of Goodguys Rod and Custom organized this event to excellence. Since we were not familiar with Pleasanton from a vendor aspect we were thrilled at how easy it was to set up, commute, enter and park. The organizers even supplied a secure area for our trailer during the show, how cool is that! With that being said we had more time to enjoy the show.

The weekend flew by and before we knew it we were again headed northbound back to sunny Central Oregon we call home. Our heads were filled with new exciting ideas that our customers had shared or we had formulated from our adventure. I cannot imagine a better job or situation than the ones that my son and I enjoy. After all, how many of us get to tell the wife we are headed for work as we slip out the door at 4:30 Am headed for a car show.

If you have not had the pleasure of attending this event I would highly suggest you invest the time and the money to do so. It is a very unique and laid back affair of the highest quality. Hope to see you there next time.


Goodguys West Coast Nationals   –   August 23-25, 2013

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