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    1967-1971 Ford Fairlane, Torino, Mercury Comet, 1967-1968 Cougar Speaker Pots

    Part Number:   RF611 USA made reproduction speaker pots for 1967-1971 Ford Fairlane, Ranchero, Falcon, 1967-1971 Mercury Cyclone, 1968-1971 Ford Torino,  Mercury Montego,  vehicles. These speaker enclosures may also be installed in the 1966 Fairlane, Ranchero and Comet cars, but were not offered as factory options.  Fabricated from  .125″ ABS material, these enclosures provide the weather protection needed to install speakers in the cowl area behind kick panel locations. Each speaker pot is CNC trimmed to replicate the factory specifications. These speaker pots were also used in 1967-1968 Mercury Cougar vehicles. These weather shields were referred to as speaker rain shields, speaker weather shields, speaker pots, and also speaker pods. We have purposley eliminated the...

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    1968-1969 Fairlane, Torino, Ranchero, Montego, Cyclone,1968-1970 Falcon Kick Panels

    Part Number:     RF108 USA made, reproduction kick panels for 1968-1969 Ford Fairlane, Torino, Ranchero, Mercury Cyclone, Montego and 1968-1970 Ford Falcon cars. We offer kick panels that are 30% thicker than what is being offered on the market. Our kick panels are made with 0.125” thick Haircell grain ABS material. While we have increased the thickness of our kick panels, we have made sure that they fit just as nice as the original kick panels produced by Ford Motor Company.  Our thicker panels also resist to warping once installed. Review the forums and ck out our reviews.  We offer a GREAT EXPERIENCE for you, nothing less! Color:     These panels are only offered in black, however 60% of our customers...

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    Dash Pad General Information

    100% of the manufacturing process on Rhino products has been completed in the USA. We strive to use components that are American made as well. We believe that the United States Economy is dependent on manufacturing jobs, and our customers tell us that they prefer to support that activity. We do not attempt to bash or down grade manufacturing in other parts of the world, we simply believe in supporting jobs in our neighborhoods and towns first. Your dash pad was fabricated in our facility in Oregon by craftsmen that care about quality and reputation first, and profits second. We believe this philosophy is displayed in our products and we hope you agree. You...

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    Fairlane, Ranchero, Montego, Torino, Comet, Galaxie Fan Shroud

    Part Number:     RF501 USA made reproduction fan shroud for your 1965-1970 Fairlane, 1967-1969 Falcon, 1966-1970 Ranchero, 1967-1968 Galaxie, 1968-1970 Torino, 1966-1969 Comet and Montego vehicles with the small block V-8 engine with automatic transmission. This fan shroud is manufactured with quality 0.187” ABS material that is smooth on both inner and outer surfaces and also match the matte finish of your engine compartment. Many other manufacturers cut corners by using less expensive materials like haircell grain material. This increases the sellers profit margins but the end results are the inside surface or their fan shroud now have a haircell grain texture which looks terrible and is very difficult to clean. Do not believe...

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