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    Dash Pad General Information

    100% of the manufacturing process on Rhino products has been completed in the USA. We strive to use components that are American made as well. We believe that the United States Economy is dependent on manufacturing jobs, and our customers tell us that they prefer to support that activity. We do not attempt to bash or down grade manufacturing in other parts of the world, we simply believe in supporting jobs in our neighborhoods and towns first. Your dash pad was fabricated in our facility in Oregon by craftsmen that care about quality and reputation first, and profits second. We believe this philosophy is displayed in our products and we hope you agree. You...

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    RF307 Dash Pad

    Before attempting to install your new RF307 (1962-1965 Ford Fairlane or 1962-1963 Mercury Meteor) dash pad a couple of things need to be addressed. First inspect your pad to become familiar with the perimeter, any areas that you believe may be a challenge to you during the install and in short take a few minutes to examine the task you are about to tackle. The pad you have purchased is a relatively simple pad to install considering you have the skill sets and knowledge to complete the install.  Be aware that soft trim installation is not a job that everyone can do, or should attempt.  An install job done well gives a great deal...

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