1960-1962 Galaxie, 1960 Edsel, 1961 Meteor Dash Pad


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Rhino Fabrication Part Number:     RF306

Are you looking to purchase the very finest dash pad for your vehicle?

If so you are in the correct place. At Rhino Fabrication we don’t just sell you a dash pad. We design and manufacture the dash pad.  YES!  You are buying direct from the individuals that produce the product.

There are no middle men here. No sales reps, no call center, no BS.  When you contact us you will deal with the individuals, the craftsmen who personally completed the production on your product. We know that no one else who sells this product can offer you this expertise. How many of the call center reps you speak with at other retailers have ever installed this Galaxie dash pad? How many other vendors are willing to offer a personal phone contact to help you through the install? For that matter how many phone center representatives offer you their personal cell number in case you have questions or need help after the sale?  I think by now you may have figured out that we do business a bit different here at Rhino Fabrication!

Our Dash Pad is completely produced right here in our facility in Central Oregon, USA. This product is a reproduction dash pad for 1960-1962 Ford Galaxie, 1961 Mercury Meteor, and 1960 Edsel vehicles. We have fabricated all of our own tooling from the specs of a steel dash shell removed from a 1962 Galaxie vehicle. This ensures that your new dash pad will be the finest and best fitting pad that money can buy today.  We go to great lengths to reproduce this dash pad correctly. With details like the exact fitment of the speaker grill recess and the correct length of the pad. We have built this pad with details that make it stand out above all others. We intentionally oversize the tooling to allow for shrinkage that occurs during the curing process.  We know that correct calculations in our tooling process will produce a finished product that is long enough so that the ends of the pad will not tear out during install. If you have ever installed an early Galaxie Padded Dash that was too short in length you already know what I am speaking of. It is imperative that the length of the pad is correct to allow the fabric at the ends of the pad to fully cover the metal shell ends at the bottom of the A pillar. Another specific detail we incorporate is the fitment of the speaker grill area.  Please examine the photos to see the exact fit of the grill into our dash pad. We don’t believe the fit could be any better than what we offer. We personally install each cured pad onto a dash shell removed from a vehicle to check fitment of the speaker area and the perimeter trim.  Our pads are correct in appearance and have the same soft, flexible feel that the factory pads did in the early 1960’s when your vehicle rolled off the assembly line from Ford Motor Company.

When we talk about customer service we are very serious about this.  It is not a buzz word at Rhino Fabrication. Our service is equal to the quality we offer. We realize that soft trim is new and anxiety producing to some of our customers. That is why we make ourselves available after the sale. If you have questions on Saturday or Sunday afternoon while working on your vehicle can you get a hold of our competitors? Well we are glad to hear from you if you need our help.  We believe it is important that your concerns or questions be solved and answered before you make a mistake in the install.  We realize that the price of our products gives concern to our customers that a mistake during install could be costly.  That is why we want you to give us the opportunity to help or advise you before you screw things up. Installing soft trim like Dash Pads is an art form that takes skill and guidance to be successful, let us help you be successful and proud of your end result! I talk with customers everyday during my production cycles to help turn their project into a great experience.

If you have taken the time to read all of this you can tell we are serious about you, our customer, and our product offering. I guess now the decision is yours to make. Thanks for spending time on our product site and I hope that you will consider us for you product needs.

This pad also has been installed in the 1962 Mercury full size. Please be advised that the factory full size 1962 dash pad was different in appearance than the pad for the early Galaxies. The steel dash shell is very similar on both vehicles but the exterior shape of the 1962 Mercury Dash Pad is different.  We have had customers use this pad in their 1962 Mercury Full Size as no dash pads are being produced for 1962 Mercury Full Size cars at this time. Keep in mind that this pad fits but is not correct in appearance for the 1962 Mercury.

This is not a cheap solid urethane pad or dash cap.  It is the real deal. We produce this pad with the correct Seville/Crush grain PVC vinyl. We back fill this pad with 6 LB flexible foam. We purposely produced this pad with a vinyl skin that is ready for the top coat of your choosing. Some customers choose to install our black pads without additional top coats but others choose to spray them to the color of their choice.

Color:     Black (This is the only color we offer, however 60% of our customers spray their new dash pad to the color of their choice)

This dash pad fits the following vehicles:

  • 1960 Ford Galaxie
  • 1960 Edsel
  • 1961 Ford Galaxie
  • 1961 Mercury Meteor
  • 1962 Ford Galaxie

We eliminate the middle man to offer you the best expertise and streamlined customer service found anywhere. When you call our facility you don’t speak to a call center, you speak to the very individuals that design and produce your part. You decide, are you looking for great fitting parts with customer service that you have not experienced in years, or are you searching for the cheapest padded dash you can find? We strive to have your product available when you place the order.  We don’t need to call someone else and wait a week to ship the item to you. You order, we ship, it’s that easy and hassle free. If you have questions regarding fabrication, fitment, and or installation  contact us via phone or email to help you.  When you contact us, you talk to the owners who manufacture the products.

Manufactured 100% by Rhino Fabrication in Bend, Oregon USA!

Please read the following information regarding your consideration of our dash pads.

We have created one of, if not the finest, reproduction dash pads that you will find for your classic automobile. We have taken every possible step in our process to replicate the design, style, fit and appearance of the dash pad that was provided as a factory item. We also take great pride as an American business to provide a product that we are proud to sell and we hope that our customers will be proud to purchase and install.

Even with all the precautions and detail we implement in our products we realize that our pads will never be EXACT reproductions of the factory dash pads. Differences in tooling materials, product components and manufacturing processes today compared to the 50’s and 60’s simply do not allow us to make EXACT reproductions. Any vendor that claims to offer you an EXACT reproduction is simply not being honest.

We have gone to great effort to provide information and photos of our dash pads installed on our show fixtures for you to review. We do this so you and other are able to see what our pads look like when installed correctly. We want you to see the detail that may be achieved if correct and skilled installations are performed.  With all that being offered we still occasionally hear from a customer who has installed one of our pads and is unhappy with the results.

Here are a few very important facts that we want you to be aware of:


We do this so that the pads will be at their optimum condition when you receive them. The installs are easier when the pads are fresh. The pads are somewhat softer and more pliable when they are close to the production dates. After 30 days ours dash pads can become more difficult to install. Further curing of the foam, storage issues and various other factors can contribute to the difficulties. We simply want you, our customer to be totally informed about our product up front. These are quality products that require substantial skill to be installed correctly.


Once installed according to our instructions our dash pads are very stable. Before install they are fragile and susceptible to damage, distortion, and shrinkage. Remember these pads are created with heat and vacuum pressure to achieve the shape and fit needed for your vehicle.  The longer they sit around uninstalled the more trouble you can invite. Allow this pad to absorb heat via sunlight or an undesirable environment, etc prior to install and you are asking for problems.


If you will not be installing your new dash pad within 30 days from your purchase date please do not purchase it yet. Remember we usually can ship your fresh pad within a few days of ordering if not the next day.  Do not allow your new pad to sit around waiting for the install because this will do nothing but increase the difficulty of installing the product.  We are very accepting of input from our customers. Please be advised that after the 30 day period we will no longer be willing to discuss refunds or exchanges. We only offer fresh pads to every customer and once the 30 day window has elapsed the pad could no longer be of value to another customer.  It is your responsibility to schedule your install based on the information we have proactively provided. We calculated that last year 98 percent of install issues were attributed to a delayed install attempt by our customers. Of those delayed attempts 94 percent were attempted by customers that believed they held the needed skills to complete the install when in fact they had very little or no firsthand experience in soft trim.


We sell hundreds and hundreds of pads each year to individuals that complete the install themselves. Some are very well seasoned with installing soft trim. Granted the majority of our customers are “car enthusiasts” and involved in the mechanical aspect of their vehicles. This does not in any hint of the imagination provide them with the skills or knowledge to complete a correct install of soft trim. The install of a dash pad or an item of upholstery requires experience, finesse, patience, and knowledge. Any individual that tells you that the dash pad will drop right in is misinformed. As good as our pads are they will require skill and massaging to install correctly.  There is usually some thinning of the foam backing, trimming of perimeter material and adjusting of trim to achieve the correct fit. If you believe that the technician on the assembly line just tossed the factory pads on you are mistaken.  They did probably dozens of these pads each shift, for months on end and knew exactly what tricks were needed to adjust the pads for the best fit. There is a reason why skilled, experienced upholstery technicians today are costly to hire.  They have spent years learning what is required of them to create the results everyone is seeking. I encourage everyone to expand their skill sets but be advised, installing an expensive dash pad is not for the rookie.  I would prefer to sell you only one pad for your vehicle.  I am more than willing sell you a second or a third pad if you make mistakes but I do believe it is in everyone’s best interest to use caution prior to moving forward. Your choice! Our instructions advise you to test fit the pad dry and decide then and there if the install is for you. It also suggests that you dry fit the pad prior to adding any color change to the pad.  Once you trim or change the pad in any fashion we will not accept it for refund or exchange. Remember, we sell hundreds of these pads to very satisfied customers and we very much understand the difficulties customers can face. DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS AS EASY AS TODAYS TV SHOWS PORTRAY. Those shows only provide a glimpse of what is really needed to get the job done.  Most times the actual work is performed by other professionals, not the so called stars you are seeing!

Freight charges are very expensive so we would like our customers to give ample consideration to their purchase before moving forward. We do not refund freight charges either to you or back to our facility. Please do your homework before the purchase.


If you still have questions call us direct, where else can you speak to the individuals that make your pad and know the tricks to install it. We are always pleased to speak to you and willing to help you with your decision.  No pressure sales here. Remember our intent is to keep you informed so you can make the best decision possible.

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Weight 7.0 lbs
Dimensions 59 x 12 x 7 in

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  1. I installed your RF306 dash for my 1961 Ford Country Squire and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much!

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