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RF315 Dash Pad

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Never before has this Mercury Comet padded dash been reproduced.  The crew at Rhino Fabrication believed that the Comets still in existence needed the opportunity to regain their former beauty and created the RF315 for just that purpose. The Mercury Comet was marketed as the well healed cousin to the Ford Falcon and was often appointed in some very cool attire.  The optional padded dash was probably the most beautiful refinement of the early 60”s.  The Rhino Fabrication RF315 dash pad offers exceptional class and beauty to an already unique automobile. The horizontal peak created in the dash pad surface exemplifies the refinement that Mercury was attempting to portray in the Comet and the S22 to the customer. Please review our product photos to see just how stunning this pad is when installed. We couldn’t offer these photos if we couldn’t deliver the goods!

Color:     Black (This is the only color we offer, however 60% of our customers spray their new dash pad to the color of their choice)



This dash pad fits the following vehicles:

  • 1960 Mercury Comet and S22


  • 1961 Mercury Comet and S22


  • 1962 Mercury Comet and S22


  • 1963 Mercury Comet and S22


  • 1964 Australian Falcon and Ute


  • 1965 Australian Falcon and Ute


  • 1966 Australian Falcon and Ute


  • Material:    PVC vinyl skin with a flexible foam core.
  • Surface Grain:     Crush
  • Color:     Black, however 60% of our customer choose to spray their new dash pad to match their custom interior.



Customer Photos

RF315-Dash-Pad-Karl-1963-Mercury-Comet-S22-Convertible-Slidell-Louisiana-USA RF315-Dash-Pad-Karl-1963-Mercury-Comet-S22-Convertible-Slidell-Louisiana-USA

RF315-Dash-Pad-Karl-1963-Mercury-Comet-S22-Convertible-Slidell-Louisiana-USA RF315-Dash-Pad-Karl-1963-Mercury-Comet-S22-Convertible-Slidell-Louisiana-USA RF315-Dash-Pad-Karl-1963-Mercury-Comet-S22-Convertible-Slidell-Louisiana-USA





3 reviews for 1960-1963 COMET, 1965-1966 AUSTRALIAN XP FALCON, UTE DASH PAD

  1. Barry M.

    This pad is great just a little work and bam you have one really nice dash pad. If you have a first generation Mercury Comet this is the dash pad for you! It’s worth every penny.

  2. Dennis K.

    Buying and selling in today’s world has become a numbing impersonal process. Gone are the days of pride in craftsmanship and enterprises that treated their customers as neighbors. At least I thought those days were gone until I had the great good fortune of dealing with Rhino Fabrication and its owner Mr. Tim Holland. Rhino owner Mr. Tim Holland treating a customer who lived a thousand miles away like a next-door neighbor!

    In the process of restoring an old car, I found my way to Rhino Fabrication’s door and there I found something far more important than what was needed to restore an old car. I found what I thought I had lost and sorely missed in my old neighborhood, far too many years ago.

  3. Karl J.

    It’s been a long wait but SO worth it! Absolutely beautiful! Wish I could post a pic, thanks so much for bringing this pad to the market!

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