1960-1965 Ranchero Body Pillar Inner Covers


Part Number:     RF200H

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You no longer need to be frustrated with the sad appearance of your fiberboard interior panels. By request we have created durable, weather resistant, panels for your Ranchero interior. Our craftsmen at Rhino Fabrication have designed and crafted these new rear interior panels out of Haircell grain, ABS, in an effort to provide you with beautiful panels. These panels may be painted to match your interior color if you choose to do so or installed in the black color we offer.

No, these are not a factory looking panel.  These are not intended for the customer who is replicating the stock look. These panels are created to provide a smooth flowing, custom appearance for the interior of your Ranchero.

We have provided photos of the Black panels we offer to you, and have also included photos of those same panels with color applied so you may see what the possibilities are.  This has to be one of the simplest ways to beatify your interior today with minimum effort and premium results.

Note: we have created these panels to match the factory fiberboard panels. Because every interior is installed slightly different you may find it necessary to slightly trim the top edge where this panel intersects the other interior pieces. Trim may be easily accomplished with a Dremel disc or other abrasive tool to make for a perfect installation.

Color:     Only offered in black, however most of our customers choose to spray their new Rhino Fabrication kick panels to match their interior.



These body pillar inner covers fit the following vehicles:

  • 1960 Ranchero


  • 1961 Ranchero


  • 1962 Ranchero


  • 1963 Ranchero


  • 1964 Ranchero


  • 1965 Ranchero


  • Driver side panel:     2 mounting holes
  • Passenger side panel:     2 mounting holes
  • Material:     ABS
  • Thickness:     0.125”
  • Grain:     Haircell
  • Color:     Only offered in black, however 60% of our customers choose to spray their new Rhino Fabrication panels to match their interior.


  • ABS is significantly stronger than masonite.
  • We manufacture these panels with 0.125″ ABS material to increase rigidity and durability. We want your new panels to last for years.
  • Haircell grain surface


  • The 1960 model year used completely different mounting hole locations.  These holes were forward on the original 1960  kick panels. At Rhino we have not duplicated these 1960 hole locations into our reproduction panels. All of our panels have the more aft hole locations from 1961-1965, so for those of you with 1960 model year vehicles you will need to drill new mounting holes in your sheet metal sidewall behind the new Rhino kick panels.
  • If you have added sound mat or altered the floor height of your vehicle you may need to trim the lower floor and toe board edges of your panels.


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