The tooling crew at Rhino Fabrication has created an excellent reproduction console box liner for the 1961-1963 T-Bird owners. This heavy duty ABS black haircell grain reproduction liner fits your bird console body exactly as it was intended.  The perimeter bead on the mounting flange has been included to add to the look and functionality. Machined latch and mounting holes aid in making this a quick and easy install. If you are looking at a simple and cost efficient way to improve another part of your classic this is just what you need.



This console box liner will fit the following vehicles:

  • 1961 Ford Thunderbird


  • 1962 Ford Thunderbird


  • 1963 Ford Thunderbird


  • Material Thickness:     0.125″
  • Surface Grain:     Haircell
  • Color:     This console box liner is only offered in black.


  • Rhino Fabrication is the only manufacturer to offer this console box liner with the raised bead that follows the perimeter of the console box liner. We incorporated this bead to help replicate the look of the factory console box liner Ford and Murcury offered from the factory.
  • Made with thicker ABS, improving the console box liners strength.
  • This console box liner has been CNC trimmed to help replicate the fitment of the factory unit.
  • We test fit each console box liner in a OEM FoMoCo console to ensure our customers the holes align to the factory mounting location.




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