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Custom created for the individual who desires extra cooling for their 260 or 289 cubic inch engines. This shroud was created based on the original sheet metal fan shroud. Since the original shrouds offered little or no cooling because of their very shallow depth we created the RF510 to create additional cooling. Installs as did the original fan shroud or with most aftermarket radiators the RF510 can be bolted up directly to the rear mounting flanges of your radiator. This Rhino Fabrication fan shroud is the perfect accessory to add function and beauty to your precious ride.

Attention:  These products are very expensive to transport to you. Because we have made every effort to provide you with correct and accurate information concerning fan shroud size, year, and model fitment we will not be responsible for the freight and costs associated with a return of your choosing.  We have excellent photos and descriptions to allow you to purchase the correct shroud for your specific vehicle. We will asses a 20% restocking fee on any returned fan shroud. In short you need to take the time and initiative to be sure you are purchasing the correct shroud. If in doubt call us first.


This fan shroud fits the following vehicles with a 17″ fan blade:

  • 1963 Ford Falcon  –  260, 289 Cubic Inch
  • 1963 Ford Ranchero  –  260, 289 Cubic Inch


  • 1964 Ford Falcon  –  260, 289 Cubic Inch
  • 1964 Ford Ranchero  –  260, 289 Cubic Inch


  • 1965 Ford Falcon  –  289 Cubic Inch
  • 1965 Ford Mustang  –  289 Cubic Inch
  • 1965 Ford Ranchero  –  289 Cubic Inch
  • 1965 Mercury Comet  –  289 Cubic Inch


  • 1966 Ford Falcon  –  289 Cubic Inch
  • 1966 Ford Mustang  –  289 Cubic Inch
  • 1966 Ford Ranchero  –  289 Cubic Inch


  • Material:      ABS
  • Thickness:      0.187”
  • Process:     Thermal formed / cnc machined
  • Color:     Matte Black Finish
  • Surface:     Smooth
  • Depth of shroud:     3.4375″ (3  7/16″)
  • Fan Blade Size Requirement:      17″ fan blade

This fan shroud is designed for 260, 289 cubic inch engines with the 18″ radiator


  • Rhino Fabrication fan shrouds are manufactured from material that is smooth inside and outside. The outside of our shrouds have a Matte Black finish and compliment a highly detailed engine bay. The perimeter edges of the cooling shrouds are free of burrs and the trim is precise and professional.
  • This shroud has been reproduced to provide the ability to be much more efficient at cooling than the very thin metal shroud that was offered from the factory. At close to 3.5” deep front to back this shroud allow far better draw of air


  • If you are sporting an aftermarket radiator and it has a rearward facing mounting flange this may allow you to attach our RF510 directly to these flanges. Stock radiators did not have rearward flanges but instead the fan shrouds were attached to the core support with the use of offset brackets. These brackets were mounted outboard of the radiator and the length of the bracket was determined by the thickness of the radiator installed.
  • Keep in mind that the rearward mounting flanges of your new radiator may not be exactly as the stock radiator was when it was installed by Ford or Mercury. To correct this mounting issue some of our customers find it necessary to use a vertical flat bar of aluminum to create an offset bracket to mount our shrouds to the aftermarket radiators. Remember, aftermarket radiators are produced to fit multiple models of vehicles.  Our Rhino Fabrication fan shrouds are patterned after the factory shrouds mounting locations.
  • For best cooling results your fan blades should sit approximately 2/3rds of the distance into the cavity of the fan shroud.

Factors that will affect fitment:

  • Radiator width
  • Fan blade diameter
  • Engine cubic inch / water pump rotation
  • Aftermarket pulleys and accessories

Click on our photos and use the info and measurements we provide to determine if the shroud you are ordering will fit your application. If in doubt call us, and we will attempt to help you make the determination.


Note: If you have an aftermarket radiator with a rearward flange or simply need a bit more adjustment for your custom application give us a call.  We produce the RF510 fan shroud in a special configuration, the RF510 Custom.  This special shroud is machined with straight vertical side mounting flanges, no notches or mounting holes are pre-machined.  This allows the customer to alter his or her mounts inboard or out board, up or down to meet their needs more effectively. Currently the RF510 Custom is a phone order only at this time.


We currently do not offer the mounting hardware for this shroud.

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