1964-1965 Falcon, Comet Convertible Kick Panels with Speaker Pods


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USA made, reproduction kick panels for 1964-1965 Ford Falcon,  and Mercury Comet (convertible) cars. We offer kick panels that are 30% thicker than what is being offered on the market. Our kick panels are made with 0.125” thick Seville grain ABS material. While we have increased the thickness of our kick panels, we have made sure that they fit just as nice as the original kick panels produced by Ford Motor Company.  The thicker material helps support the weight of the speaker assembly you choose to install. Our thicker panels also resist to warping once installed.

Notice how the bottom area that contacts the sill plate has a flange molded into the panel to cover the exposed area between the kick panel and the cabin side wall.  No other reproduction kick panels offer this cosmetic feature.

Note: The 1965 model requires a rectangular cut out along the top edge for the factory fuse block.  WE DO NOT CUT THIS NOTCH! We instead have embossed a trim line on the back side of the panel if you choose to cut this out for the factory fuse block. We do not cut out this area because the 1964 model did not use this application and many of our 1965 customers have installed aftermarket electrical harnesses that have the fuse block in another location. Trimming of our panels for a custom fit is very easy with a dremel tool, die grinder, or snips. Please be aware that if you have installed sound mat, extra carpet pad, or other material on the floor of your vehicle that you may need to trim the height of our panels to custom fit your vehicle.

  • Speaker Size:   6.5″
  • Pre-cut hole:   5.125″
  • Depth of pod:   1.875″
  • Maximum speaker depth:   1.875″

These speaker pods are designed for 6.5″ speakers. The kick panels will accept a speaker grill with the outside diameter of 6.75”.  We machine a 5.125” diameter courtesy speaker opening in the panels to assist the installer in their installation process.  Your choice of speaker will dictate how much additional trimming may be required. The depth of the pod allows a speaker with the maximum depth of 1.875″. Our tests used Kicker KS5.2 speakers.  The depth of pod inside is approximately 1.87”.  Compare the specs of our test speakers to the specs of other speakers you may be considering.

Speakers are not included in the sale

In our test vehicles we choose to move the dimmer switch inboard 1.5” although that is not required, just preferred for ease of operation of the switch.

Review the forums and checkout our reviews.  We offer a GREAT EXPERIENCE for you, nothing less!

Color:     These panels are only offered in black, however 60% of our customers choose to spray their new Rhino Fabrication kick panels to match their interior.

These kick panels fit the following vehicles:

  • 1964-1965 Ford Falcon (convertible only)
  • 1964-1965 Mercury Comet (convertible only)

We eliminate the middle man to offer you the best expertise and streamlined customer service found anywhere. When you call our facility you don’t speak to a call center, you speak to the very individuals that design and produce your part. You decide, are you looking for great fitting parts with customer service that you have not experienced in years, or are you searching for the cheapest panel you can find. We strive to have your product available when you place the order.  We don’t need to call someone else and wait a week to ship the item to you. You order, we ship, it’s that easy and hassle free. If you have questions regarding fabrication, fitment, and or installation  contact us via phone or email to help you.  When you call/email us, you talk to the owners who manufacture the products.

Manufactured 100% by Rhino Fabrication in Bend, Oregon USA!

Additional information

Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 19 x 4 in


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