1965-1967 Galaxie Big Block/FE Fan Shroud

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Part Number:     RF504

USA made reproduction Fan Shroud for 1965-1966 Galaxie (Big Block/FE 352-428 engines). This fan shroud also fits early 1967 Galaxie FE configurations. This fan shroud will not fit mid to late 1967 Galaxie cars. Although the Ford guides are specific in listing only one fan shroud for the 1965-1967 Galaxie FE applications our customers are proving to us that there were changes made in early 1967 in the radiator and fan shrouds used. Please read the following:

Note:  This shroud is designed for the radiators that have the filler neck offset towards the outer third of the radiator.  The early 1967 Galaxies used the radiator left over from 1966 Galaxie product line. Just a few months into 1967 Galaxie production, the radiator was changed and Ford used a filler neck located in the center. If you have questions about your fitment please call before ordering. This is very important information!

We have thermal formed and CNC trimmed this fan shroud to closely match the original.  This is not a cheap reproduction that has haircell grain on the inside and the regrind material showing on the exposed exterior of the fan shroud. This fan shroud is formed with 0.187″ ABS material that has a matte black exterior and a smooth semi gloss interior finish. The original Ford Motor Company fan shroud was stamped from sheet metal with press marks into the surface of the shroud.  We chose to reflect the same press marks into our fan shroud. No other fan shroud on the market is comparable in appearance, fitment and quality.

Attention:  These products are very expensive to transport to you. Because we have made every effort to provide you correct and accurate information concerning fan shroud size, year, and model fitment we will not be responsible for the freight and costs associated with returning this product.  We have excellent photos and descriptions to allow you to purchase the correct shroud for your specific vehicle. We will asses a 20% restocking fee on any returned fan shroud. In short you need to take the time and initiative to be sure you are purchasing the correct shroud. Please check measurements for compatibility before ordering. If in doubt, contact before placing an order.

This fan shroud fits the following big block/FE vehicles with 24” radiators:

  • 1965 Galaxie with 352, 390, 427, 428 FE engines
  • 1966 Galaxie with 352, 390, 427, 428 Fe engines
  • 1967 Galaxie with 352, 390, 427, 428 Fe engines w 24″ radiator (Early 1967 vehicles only.  The filler neck on the early 1967 Galaxie vehicles was located off set near the passenger side of the radiator.  The later model 1967 Galaxies used a radiator with the filler neck that was centered on the radiator and these cars used a different fan shroud than the shroud listed here for sale.)

This fan shroud is designed to fit 24″ radiators. It will not fir 20″ radiators.

  • Radiator:     24″
  • Width:     24.625″
  • Depth:     3.0″
  • Height:     22.125″
  • Inside Diameter:     20.375″

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Color:     This fan shroud is only offered in black.

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Manufactured 100% by Rhino Fabrication in Bend, Oregon USA!

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Dimensions 26 x 22 x 3 in