Part Number:     RF502

USA made reproduction fan shroud for your 1965-1970 Fairlane, 1967-1969 Falcon, 1966-1970 Ranchero, 1967-1968 Galaxie, 1968-1970 Torino, 1966-1969 Comet and Montego vehicles with the small block V-8 engine with manual transmission.

This fan shroud is manufactured with quality 0.187” ABS material that is smooth on both inner and outer surfaces and also match the matte finish of your engine compartment. Many other manufacturers cut corners by using less expensive materials like haircell grain material. This increases the sellers profit margins but the end results are the inside surface or their fan shroud now have a haircell grain texture which looks terrible and is very difficult to clean. Do not believe that all reproduction fan shrouds are the same quality. We choose to invest in more expensive materials like thicker 0.187” matte smooth/smooth finish. We do not purchase our shrouds from another shop. We manufacture everything right here in our facility so there is no middleman to give you the sales pitch, just you and us, the manufacturer.

Due to the fact that there are over 45 different fitment applications from 1965-1970, we chose to not drill the 4 mounting holes. We have found that there are slight differences in the attachment locations and our customers have expressed the desire to drill the mount holes to fit their specific vehicle. Changes in radiators or cooling fans from stock applications may also change the shroud fitment as well.  Contact us with your model, year and engine and we will be happy to check the application for you. Please check your application for proper measurement before ordering. Be sure to review our photos to confirm the measurements fit your application.

Review the forums and checkout our reviews.  We offer a GREAT EXPERIENCE for you, nothing less!

Attention:  These products are very expensive to transport to you. Because we have made every effort to provide you correct and accurate information concerning fan shroud size, year, and model fitment we will not be responsible for the freight and costs associated with a return shipment. We have excellent photos, descriptions etc to allow you to purchase the correct shroud for your specific vehicle. We will asses a 20% restocking fee on any returned fan shroud. In short you need to take the time and initiative to be sure you are purchasing the correct shroud. If in doubt contact us first.

This fan shroud fits the following manual transmission vehicles with 20” radiators:

  • 1965 Ford Fairlane
  • 1966 Ford Fairlane
  • 1966 Ford Ranchero
  • 1966 Mercury Comet
  • 1966 Mercury Montego
  • 1967 Ford Fairlane
  • 1967 Ford Falcon
  • 1967 Ford Galaxie
  • 1967 Ford Ranchero
  • 1967 Mercury Comet
  • 1967 Mercury Montego
  • 1968 Ford Fairlane
  • 1968 Ford Falcon
  • 1968 Ford Galaxie
  • 1968 Ford Ranchero
  • 1968 Mercury Comet
  • 1968 Mercury Montego
  • 1969 Ford Fairlane
  • 1969 Ford Falcon
  • 1969 Ford Ranchero
  • 1969 Ford Torino
  • 1969 Mercury Comet
  • 1969 Mercury Montego
  • 1970 Ford Fairlane
  • 1970 Ford Ranchero

This fan shroud will only fit the 20″ radiator. If your application has the 24″ radiator, this fan shroud will not fit your vehicle.

  • Radiator:                        20″
  • Width side to side:                 21″
  • Depth front to back:              3.75″
  • Diameter:                      18.625
  • Height:                               20″

We eliminate the middle man to offer you the best expertise and streamlined customer service found anywhere. When you call our facility you don’t speak to a call center, you speak to the very individuals that design and produce your part. You decide, are you looking for great fitting parts with customer service that you have not experienced in years, or are you searching for the cheapest fan shroud you can find. We strive to have your product available when you place the order.  We don’t need to call someone else and wait a week to ship the item to you. You order, we ship, it’s that easy and hassle free. If you have questions regarding fabrication, fitment, and or installation  contact us via phone or email to help you.  When you call/email us, you talk to the owners who manufacture the products.

Manufactured 100% by Rhino Fabrication in Bend, Oregon USA!

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 22 x 4 in


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