Are your 1968-1969 kick panels and speaker pots cracked, warped or just look look like they belong in a junk yard? If so, it time to give your interior the upgrade it deserves! We offer quality reproduction kick panels and speaker pots that are made with 0.125″ ABS plastic. Our kick panels have a Haircell grain surface to resemble the panels produced by Ford and Mercury in the late 1960’s. The thickness of our panels not only increases the strength, it also resists the panels from buckling once the fastener is tightened. Nothing is worse than seeing kick panels secured so tight, that the kick panels crack or buckle around the fastener.  That is why we have gone the extra mile to offer kick panels that are significantly stronger than anything that has ever been offered before. Just ask our customers how they feel about their new Rhino Fabrication kick panels.

Our speaker enclosures provide the weather protection needed to install 5.25″ speakers in the kick panel locations. Each speaker pot is CNC trimmed to replicate the factory specifications. These  speaker pots were also used in 1967-1968 Mercury Cougar vehicles but the kick panels are different so they do not fit the Cougar. We have eliminated the 4 factory mounting tabs that were used to mount the OEM speaker to the speaker pot.  This will make it easier for the installer to mount the speaker in the location and layout that best fits his or her speaker choice.



These pair of kick panels fit the following vehicles:

  • 1968 Ford Fairlane
  • 1968 Ford Falcon
  • 1968 Ford Ranchero
  • 1968 Ford Torino
  • 1968 Mercury Cyclone
  • 1968 Mercury Montego


  • 1969 Ford Fairlane
  • 1969 Ford Falcon
  • 1969 Ford Ranchero
  • 1969 Ford Torino
  • 1969 Mercury Cyclone
  • 1969 Mercury Montego


  • 1970 Ford Falcon


  • Sale includes driver and passenger side kick panels and speaker pots.
  • Speaker Size:     Designed for a 5.25″ Speaker
  • Depth of Speaker Pot:     5.75″
  • Material:     ABS
  • Thickness:     0.125”
  • Process:     Thermal formed / cnc machined
  • Grain:     Haircell
  • Color:     Only offered in black, however 60% of our customers choose to spray their new Rhino Fabrication kick panels to match their interior.


  • Rhino Fabrication kick panels are manufactured from heavier material stock to increase rigidity and durability. We want your new kick panels to last for years and years.


  • If you have added sound mat or altered the floor height of your vehicle you may need to trim the lower floor and toe board edges of your panels.


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