100% of the manufacturing process on Rhino products has been completed in the USA. We strive to use components that are American made as well. We believe that the United States Economy is dependent on manufacturing jobs, and our customers tell us that they prefer to support that activity. We do not attempt to bash or down grade manufacturing in other parts of the world, we simply believe in supporting jobs in our neighborhoods and towns first. Your dash pad was fabricated in our facility in Oregon by craftsmen that care about quality and reputation first, and profits second. We believe this philosophy is displayed in our products and we hope you agree.

You may notice that the hardware in some of our products such as the RF303, also known as 63-64 Galaxie, is much different than the hardware that Ford offered from the factory. When we find a better method for attachment that does not change the look and will increase functionality we use that new method. The clips in the RF303 were always difficult to align initially and removal was usually terminal. Our new stainless steel hardware is easier to install, allows adjustment for tension on the bottom rail, and also allows for reuse if needed.

We also have chosen to use flexible foam in our padded dashes that has much better resiliency to impact than the older semi rigid offerings. This choice helps your dash pad retain the feel and appearance as they were intended when manufactured.

We use absolutely no silicone in our shop and our release agents are as mild as the process allows so that the installer will be able to use adhesives during installation. We strongly recommend that the installer use adhesives as well as trim hardware to secure the dash pad. This prevents shifting, shrinking and poor fitment later on in the life of the pad. A scuff coat using 36 grit paper on the foam surface is usually sufficient to allow adhesives to work. The perimeter of the pad is the most important areas to secure. If adhesive is not used around the perimeter of the pad, or around the defroster areas the pad could be subject to heat shrinkage in those areas over time. If you are in doubt please call us for additional direction. We are here to help.

We fit each dash pad we fabricate onto a shop check fixture that is a genuine steel dash shell removed from a salvage vehicle. This allows us to trim each pad with an extra allowance of material to aid in the installation process, and it ensures that the pad is not trimmed short in error. This allotment of perimeter material allows the installer some margin for adjustment during the installation procedure. Remember, measure twice, cut once!

We also would prefer to have our pads installed in a rather short period of time after the purchase date. We purposely do not stock large amounts of inventory as we like to keep Fresh Pads available for purchase. These pads are very stable once installed properly, but if allowed to sit around unprotected from sunlight or high heat they can and will morph into some very interesting beasts. The sooner they are properly installed the happier you will be with your finished product.



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