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Rhino Fabrication manufactures superb products!  We take great pride in our company, commitment to customer service, and in the products we sell. We encourage consumers to read the forums about our company. Listen to what our customers have to say about their experience with Rhino Fabrication.

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Kick Panels

We custom manufacture interior parts for classic Ford, Mercury, Chevy, and Edsel and we are continually growing our product catalog. Our current catalog includes the best quality parts you will find for your Ford Fairlane, Ford Falcon, Ford Futura, Ford Galaxie, Ford Mustang, Ford Ranchero, Ford Thunderbird, Ford Torino, Mercury Comet, Mercury Meteor, Mercury Montego, and Mercury Monterey. We have also recently added a selection of Edsel and Chevrolet parts.

Every Rhino Fabrication custom bucket seat shield, console box liner, dash pad, fan shroud, and kick panel is manufactured in the Bend, Oregon USA and made with precision and quality by unrivaled craftsmen you will not find anywhere else. We manufacture every part we sell and ensure every item meets our strict quality control standards. We guarantee our products will exceed your expectations.


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I recently bought & Installed the 1966-1967 Fairlane Speaker Pods & Kick Panels in my 66 Convertible. Fantastic service with fast shipping and great product. Don't Hesitate to buy these!!! The 1966 Fairlanes did not have any speaker options so installation requires cutting out the steel in the kick panel area.

Note that on the drivers side, I had to remove the fresh air vent & parking brake mechanism for this install. Once done, access was easy. I used an $11.00 Harbor Freight Air saw to cut the panel out with a fine blade. (it took 3 to do both sides). I removed the inner fender splash panel on passenger side to view first one, as I installed it to check clearence etc, but did not on the drivers side. I used a tube of silicone to seal everything and am confident it is water tight.

The metal is thin and easy to cut. Drill some holes and follow template provided whihch fits perfect. The product fits great and works even better. I installed sound deadening in them I had lying around and it adds alotsof weight & makes them sound way better. I would NOT reccommend using the Infinity speakers I bought, only because the tweeter is not flush and rubs the kick panel (they sound freakin amazing though)! The kick panels fit & look great.

I hope this helps other enthusists and a great vendor, rock on Tim!!!

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Production day! Today we vacuum formed and CNC trimmed these kick panels with the speaker grills built into the kick panels. Compare our kick panels to the factory original (option) panels offered in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Let us know what you think!

Our kick panels fit the following vehicles:
Part Number: RF107 - 1967 Fairlane, Falcon, Rachero, Comet (also fits 1966 models but was not a factory option until 1967)
Part Number: RF109 - 1968-1969 Fairlane, Ranchero, Torino, Montego Cyclone, 1968-1970 Falcon
Part Number: RF111 - 1970-1971 Fairlane, Ranchero, Torino, Montego, Cyclone

You can find more information about these kick panels at

Proudly made in Bend, Oregon USA!

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Got my 60-63 Comet dashpad started see my post in Mercury Comets group! Looks awesome! ...

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Gray guys! Do you ship to Australia? ...

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